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all decisions will be made by consensus


all decisions will be made by consensus

LIBRETTO BY ROB HANDEL. The first opera performed on Zoom – a comedic 15-minute pocket opera for 6 singers and electronics. The people are behind us, but is now the time to strike? A Zoom meeting of activists with radically conflicting styles, or a zoom meeting of radicals with actively conflicting styles. Don't disclose your location. Remember our community agreements. One diva one mic.


Is it bold? Absolutely. Is it relevant? Completely. Is it worth 15 minutes of your time? Yes. 


“…the story it tells in its brief 11-minute runtime is a potent one about the difficulties of coming together when we’re forced apart. It’s also about how dreadful Zoom can be.” 

-Michael Andor Brodeur, The Washington Post


Stay tuned for upcoming productions.


HERE Arts Center



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