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Only You Will Recognize the Signal


Only You Will Recognize the Signal

LIBRETTO BY ROB HANDEL. A telematic serial opera in 10 episodes. The travelers aboard the Grand Crew, a very massive luxury emigrant craft, expected to remain in therapeutic hypothermia until arrival at their new home planet. Unfortunately, the technology has been compromised. Isolated in their pods, the unfrozen migrants find themselves entangled in a shared phantasmagoria that smells like sour gummi worms. They are stuck in mid-transition between planet A and planet B, between the end of the old life and the beginning of the new life, between memory and amnesia. They can’t finish the job of erasing the past, and they can’t move into the tenebrous future. Don’t worry: the ship’s computer, Bob, has a plan.


“Ms. Sankaram’s ingenious score, with its urgent, repetitive vocal motifs and electronic accompaniment, builds tension and sustains interest over this…sophisticated story line

-Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal


Stay tuned for upcoming productions.


HERE Arts Center



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