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The Infinite Energy of Ada Lovelace


The Infinite Energy of Ada Lovelace

LIBRETTO BY ROB HANDEL. Ada, Countess of Lovelace and Lord Byron's daughter, has been asked to help Charles Babbage with his work on the Difference Engine. Can she pursue her love of mathematics while upholding her reputation?


"The Infinite Energy of Ada Lovelace’ Is Infinitely Charming..Sankaram’s deliciously tonal score is loaded with poise and charm that feigns minimalism to suggest binary math, but wanders through some intriguing stylistic territory that has flavors and textures of jazz, blues, classical, and 19th century romanticism, among others."

–Alan Sherrod, Arts Knoxville


Stay tuned for upcoming productions.


Opera Ithaca, New Camerata Opera, Third Eye Ensemble, Boston University, Marble City Opera



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