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  • Dark Flow

Dark Flow

For Large Ensemble and Electronics

Commissioned by the Tri-Centric Orchestra


Dark Flow Roadmap

This is a piece in four different sections, which are cued by an mp3 track. Each instrumental part has a different set of cues, and a different mp3 track. Instrumentalists will need to provide their own portable mp3 player and earbuds. The piece begins with a countdown. On “1” everyone should press play to begin their mp3 track.


Section 1: Redshift- Light moving away from us gradually increases in wavelength, moving to lower frequencies. Solos: Violin, Viola Transition: Baritone sax solo


Section 2: Quasar- A distant object emitting high-energy frequencies containing a black hole at its center. Transition: Drum solo


Section 3: Clusters- Gravitationally-bound clusters of stars Transition: Cornet solo


Section 4: Dark Matter(s)- A hidden force that is accelerating the expansion of the known universe. Solos: Alto sax, Tenor sax


Dark Flow Electronics

The electronics for the piece were created using Ableton Live. These are screenshots of the arrangement window for the piece. Redshift begins with a mix of software synthesizers and samples of glass. Quasar begins with samples of humpback whales, a bowed cymbal, and a low cello drone. Clusters contains samples of voices taken from number stations around the US, and a clip from the SETI website.



  • Instrumentation




    Double Bass

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