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  • Looking At You - Full Score

Looking At You - Full Score

Music by Kamala Sankaram
Libretto by Rob Handel

Story by Rob Handel, Kamala Sankaram and Kristin Marting


Chamber Opera in One Act
Duration: 90 minutes
Full Score in C


Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone
Chorus of Singing Tablet Computers
Pre-recorded Electronics


    LOOKING AT YOU originally premiered at HERE Arts Center on 9/9/19

    DOROTHY (mezzo-soprano) a coder, new CTO of Rix
    ETHAN (tenor) a coder turned whistleblower
    RAJ (baritone with pop belt) head of the Rix
    ANNINA (soprano) a geek / AGENT
    BROOKE (soprano or mezzo-soprano a geek with pop belt) a geek / JOURNALIST/AGENT
    CHARLIE (baritone with pop belt) a geek / AGENT
    THE TABLETTES, a chorus of computer-generated faces on the tablets at spectator tables. They seem to be the result of the marriage between a helpful digital personal assistant and a chipper musical theater kid.

    Rhythmic speech is indicated by stick notation.

    Performers should place the stressed parts of the sentence (indicated in bold) on the larger metric beats of the measure. The notated rhythms within the larger beats are suggestions for how the text may be performed, but do not need to be adhered to strictly, as long as the word stresses match the metric stresses.

    Text in brackets indicates information to be data-mined from the audience using thesystem built by Alessandro Acquisti and Ralph Gross of Carnegie Mellon.i. e. [NAME]

    Tablet Chorus is pre-rendered and can be triggered using the tablet software and database developed for the show by Joe Holt and Daniel Dickison of Each tablet sings one line of the notated choral part. The chorus should consist of at least 18 tablets, which will allow the thicker harmonies to have at least three on a part. Ideally, tablets should be distributed around the space so that tablets singing the same part are not next to each other.

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