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  • Lullaby


Music by Kamala Sankaram

Libretto by Gabriel Calderón


Monodrama in one act

For soprano, viola, piano and electroncs


    Open time is indicated by stemless noteheads.
    Cues are indicated by vertical arrows.
    Boxed gestures should be looped until the next cue.

    Italicized text should be spoken in the timeframe of the indicated measure.

    X noteheads indicate a sing-song voice, similar to sprechstimme. The delivery should be lightly pitched, but not truly lyric singing. You are in unison with the viola.

    During open time, you can allow your dramatic interpretation to determine the rhythm of the text. Should be closer to speech rhythms.

    O = Ordinario
    SP = Sul Ponticello
    ST = Sul Tasto
    Tap = Lightly tap the body of the instrument with your knuckle.

    Diamond noteheads = Add random noise to the sound by lightly fretting the note, as you would a harmonic.

    Arrow = change gradually (for example, from ordinario to sul pont)
    During open time, the pizzicati do not need to match soprano's pulse.

    During sprechstimme, try to match the soprano as closely as possible.

    pizz. = pluck strings inside of piano
    x notehead = mute strings

    Fixed electronics are accompanied by a click track for the violist.
    Electronics during open time must be played on a system capable of looping, such as Ableton Live, QLab, or MaxMSP.

    Fades are not built into the electronic parts, and will need to be created by the sound designer.

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