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  • Miranda VR - Full Score

Miranda VR - Full Score

Music by Kamala Sankaram
Libretto by Kamala Sankaram and Rob Reese


Tenor Saxophone / Clarinet
Baritone Saxophone / Bass Clarinet
Electric Guitar
Fixed Electronic Tracks


    Miranda Wright - Soprano, diet pill heiress and murder victim
    Cor Prater - Baritone, Miranda's fiancee, formerly poor, now works for Miranda's father.
    Izzy Wright - Tenor, Miranda's father, CEO of LiposhaMed Industries
    Anjana Challapatee Wright - Mezzo, Miranda's mother, Indian
    DAVE - Pop Tenor with falsetto, The Differential Autonomous Verification Engine, a crime computer that acts as the judge.
    DAVE Chorus - Hype men for DAVE

    A courtoom
    Cor Prater's office
    A hair salon
    Izzy Wright's office


    DAVE/DAVE CHORUS- For rhythmic spoken text, rhythms do not need to be exactly as written, but syllables in bold should fall on the stressed beats of the measure.

    MIRANDA- In m. 232 you can either sing the sargam (the Hindustani solfege) or the English words.

    ALL INSTRUMENTS- in the execution scene (mm 465-467), the arrow indicates a gradual change over time. Chaotic noise can include saxophone growls and overblowing, string gliss, scratch tone, and any of your favorite repertoire of extended techniques.

    GUITAR- Sound should be mainly clean, warm, with a hint of reverb. For the solo fills in the courtroom scenes, the notated music is just a suggestion for how you might approach it. Feel free to improvise as you like and to add your preferred effects.

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