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  • Spell to Turn the World Around

Spell to Turn the World Around

Music by Kamala Sankaram

Text by Kathryn Smith


For baritone and piano



  • Text

    Begin each day collecting birds battered
    in the night by creatures bent on malice.
    Give thanks for dew and viscera's bright litter,
    leaves brought down by drought and feathers damp
    with blood. When you say you love fall, be sure
    you know it's death's season. Take shallow
    breaths, reminding you of summer's smoke,
    a wildfire bruise that locked us all inside.
    Cling to warm October afternoons
    as vow to live a waterless winter.
    Drive cross-state to the firefighter's grave
    and read the poem he memorized at 17,
    three years before flames overtook the vehicle
    he rode in, trying to reach disaster.

    Kathryn Smith

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