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  • The Parksville Murders Episode 1

The Parksville Murders Episode 1

Music by Kamala Sankaram
Libretto by Jerre Dye


For solo voices, chorus, and percussion



    Corrine: Soprano
    Sarah: Mezzo-Soprano
    Watchers: SATB Chorus

    INT. THE DARK ROOM 360 camera (CENTRAL POV) off center room placement. You have arrived.
    You are THE WATCHER, witnessing throughyour VR goggles. You wait in the dark room alone.
    FORWARD POV - A single, dimly lit, light bulb dangles from the blackness above.


    A TV just beyond the bathtub turns on. Sputtering layers of static beneath the electric snow. All this illumination reveals an enormous, claw foot bathtub resting in the center of the void. It is filled with ferns. Also among the ferns, lies CORRINE. She leans against the right side of the tub. She is pale, bruised, blood drying in her nose, her hair matted to her face. Her face is frozen,petrified, unnervingly still. Her eyes are saucers. One arm draped lifelessly over the tub’s edge. She is paralyzed.

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